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About the title

In Lithuanian, the word lietus means rain and the verb lyti is to rain. Wether we observe these two words, we can think about the name Lietuva (Lithuania). There is in Lithuanian, an expression which if we realize it in Portuguese or even in English, it seems us a bit curious. This expression is lyja lietus, which could be translated as "the rain rains", as in the Brazilian song Chove Chuva ("the rain rains") by Jorge Ben Jor.

But leaving the music behind us, as Portuguese and English speakers it would be weird to talk like this. On the other hand, the Lithuanians use this expression for emphasizing this action of the nature. For us, it would be weird also thinking in the movement of the clouds through the sky like fish in an aquarium, or even though in the sea, but in Lithuanian, literally, the clouds swim in the sky, as we can see in the expression debesys plaukia; being the first word, the plural noun clouds and the second, the verb to swim in the third person of singular and/or plural which are the same in Lithuanian. Some of you maybe are also thinking that is weird the fact that I did not show you the definite article in the beginning of the sentence, but it occurs because in Lithuanian does not exist any kind of articles.

Let us get back to our title! Lietuva - Uma Jornada pelo País da Chuva (Lietuva - A Journey through the Country of the Rain). It was a caring way that I thought for playing with the meaning of this name and nicknaming it as País da Chuva (Country of the Rain), which is one of many accepted and debated theories among the Lithuanians, about the origin of this word. But that does not mean it is the truth behind the name of that country. There are another theories, but I, particularly, liked that one and have decided to use it as a title from my blog. Just imagine the possibility of making a journey through a country of the rain, where the clouds swim, the snow snows, the wind blows, and so on. In Lithuanian, thinking this way is possible and it has been helping me to open more and more my mind for accepting the new and descovering the poetry of this language.

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